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Xagonal USA helps level the playing field for smaller companies operating in the pharmaceutical space. While larger companies have the organizational structure and resources to manage their ever-growing supply chains, smaller pharmaceutical companies rarely have the procurement expertise or leverage they need to compete in terms of third party spend. Xagonal's comprehensive network of direct material suppliers bridges the divide by offering smaller companies the cost-savings usually reserved for “big pharma” as well as access to a more robust supply chain

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Customer Benefits


 Access to our ever expanding network of suppliers, willing to offer Big Pharma pricing to smaller pharma companies, regardless of size.


Our team will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome in terms of price, delivery time, supply assurance and quality.

Preferred Pricing

Additionally, you will benefit from Xagonal preferred pricing for all other spend you place with that supplier. we will be on hand to conduct any future negotiations on your behalf

No Obligation

 No obligation on your part. We undertake the Procurement activities at our cost. Once we present a viable solution to you, you are free to accept or decline our offer. 

% Based Pricing

Our fee is a percent of spend based commission paid upon delivery of the products to you. Typically, our fee is a fraction of the value we will deliver to your organization.

Our Process


We will identify and scope the project with you, agree timelines and target costings where applicable.


We summarize the quotes received and formalize our recommendation for your review. we execute a Sourcing Service Agreement which establishes our percent based fee. We initiate the Customer / Supplier relationship and get a formal quote from the supplier to you.


We undertake our comprehensive Search and Evaluation activities on your behalf, including identifying any supply risks, answer any technical questions and negotiate the suppliers quote.

Modus Operandi

We will lead both Quarterly and Annual business reviews between the parties. We will step in at any time for issue resolution.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Primary Packaging Materials

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Case Study 2

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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